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As a common practice with every commercial website, Gettolearn website also uses cookies. Cookies are those tiny files which you download when using a website. Cookies enable smooth user experience when browsing a website. Hence, our cookies policy states what information we gather, why we store such information, and how we professionally use it. This policy will also clearly state how you can disable cookies on your device by preventing the cookies from being stored on your device. However, disabling cookies on your device may distort or break some features and functionality of this website.


Gettolearn uses cookies for various reasons. However, there are no standard guidelines in the industry for disabling cookies without distorting or breaking a website’s functionality. It is imperative for you to leave your cookies on to maximize the use of our website. If you are uncomfortable using cookies on our website, you may decide to disable it.


You can always disable cookies on your browser when accessing our website. All you have to do is to adjust the setting on your browser. It is important for you to be aware that disabling cookies on your browser will affect the functionality of some features on our website. You may not have a perfect user experience on our website disabling cookies. Therefore, we advise that you always allow the cookies to be active.


We use cookies immediately you access our website, this is to enable you to stay logged in whenever you visit our website again. This will save you the trouble of having to log in each time you visit our website. These cookies are automatically cleared or remove immediately you log out, thereby enabling you only to access restricted features when you log in some other time.

Our website supports email alert services, the only way to remember that you are registered on our website is through the use of cookies. Our website will automatically send you an email notification if you are a subscriber to such services.

When you provide your information or data on the contact page of our website, cookies are set to remember your details for further correspondence.

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Sometimes, we may use cookies from third party websites that are trusted. Our cookies policy states the third-party cookies you may encounter in the course of using our website.

Our website makes use of Google analytics – one of the best analytics solutions on the internet that is trusted and recognized globally. These cookies enable you to understand better our website and how your experience on our website can be better improved. These cookies may store some information about you such as the pages you regularly visit and how long you stay on a page. Thus, allowing us to continually produce contents that are engaging and improve on user experience.

When you use our website, you agree that these kinds of cookies may be set on your device.


Cookies from third party websites may be sent to your device if you share any content on our website to such third-party websites through social media such facebook, twitter, google+, and youtube, among others. Third party websites have their terms of service and cookies policy which we have no control over. To ensure the kinds of cookies on the third-party website, please check such information on the third-party website.